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    The following downloadable information only indicates on our typical products. 
    We customize all products and 
    materials to individual customer 
    needs and specifications.

    English Version

    Chinese (Simplified) Version

    Honeycomb Ceramic Monolith Standard: 

    Honeycomb Ceramic Monolith
    Physical PerformanceChinese  |  English

    Chemical Composition & Specification

    Chinese  |  English
    150x150x300 40x40 MonolithChinese  |  English
    150x150x300 43x43 MonolithChinese  |  English
    150x150x300 50x50 MonolithChinese  |  English
    150x150x300 60x60 MonolithChinese  |  English

    Honeycomb Ceramic Catalyst Carrier
    Specification & Physical & Chemical
    Chinese  |  English

    Ceramic Saddles
    Ceramic SaddlesChinese  |  English

    Ceramic Super Saddles
    Ceramic Super Saddles
    Chinese  |  English

    Heat Storage Balls

    Heat Storage BallsChinese  |  English

    Baffle Bricks
    Baffle BricksChinese  |  English